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Commercial Partners

If you're a content holder or rights owner, IC tomorrow can provide a forum for you to interact with a spectrum of talented digital innovators across the UK, and help you find new ways of commercialising your content. It's easy to get involved. Just drop us a line and the account manager relevant to your industry will be in touch.


Find Digital Innovators

Are you looking for a team of technical wizards to build a mobile app, gamification experts to help you develop a game, or perhaps an up-and-coming start-up with exciting technology to spark new ideas? Our network includes an array of digital talent across a range of sectors from music to publishing, to education and healthcare. Our team is on hand to understand your content, criteria or challenge, and strategically introduce you to potential partners via one-to-one meetings, pitching sessions, and networking events.


Become a Digital Innovation Contest Partner

If you are looking for new revenue streams, partners and ideas, you can also collaborate with IC tomorrow by helping to shape our funded contests. You can set a challenge relevant to you and your industry, and partner with the successful applicant by contributing your content and expertise to help create and trial the resulting prototype. The winning digital innovator will retain their IP, and can later apply the product or service to solve a wider industry challenge; unless you come to an alternative agreement. Please get in touch with our team to find out more.