Successful Candidates Announced

We had a great day at the TIGA Games Contest final event and we're now pleased to announce the successful candidates in each catagory. These games were chosen by our panel of judges including a representative from TIGA, the University of Abertay, our challgenge partners and the Technology Strategy Board as well as a journalist and investor. 

Games On The Move- Supported by Antix Labs

Social Web Gaming- Supported by Turbulenz

Games In The Home- Supported by Antix Labs

The successful candidates will now continue to work with us as well as the University of Abertay and Antix Labs or Turbulenz to take their game forward. 

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A little about TIGA Games Contest

The TIGA Games Contest, run by IC tomorrow in association with the University of Abertay, offers £100k to companies innovating in the gaming sector. Challenge partners include Antix Labs and Turbulenz. Contest was run with support from TIGA.